I Need School Supplies

Now that a new year has started, we have new challenges to conquer!

Our goal is to provide all the necessary material that each student will be needing this 2015. 

Our main objective as an organization is to keep children in school and eventually graduate them from high school. In El Salvador, the school year begins at the end of January, so RIGHT NOW we are collecting supplies for our students and for our classrooms, so we can ensure that they will have all the necessary tools to start off this new year.

This year, our purpose is to share more smiles by supporting our kids; giving them notebooks, pencils, pens, books, P.E. uniforms, and more!

If you are in El Salvador, join us in this shower of smiles by giving us a call: (+503) 2252-7660.

If you are not in El Salvador, you can still be part of our smile’s bash by donating to this project. Here is How To Donate