Give me a ride to School

This project provides transportation to children who otherwise would walk for hours to go to school.


1) To provide two vehicles for local transportation for both of our sponsored locations.

2) To operate this transportation covering the related costs (fuel, driver salary, maintenance).

This project benefits 2 of our schools located on the Eastern Side of El Salvador and the community at Volcanoes National Park.  In Eastern El Salvador, La Leona School only offers up to 6th grade, while El Icacal School offers up to 9th grade.  Those who finish 6th grade at La Leona are faced with the problem of not having a nearby school to continue their studies since El Icacal school is located about 2 hours walking each way.  Therefore, our VAN is meant to operate daily providing transportation to these students as well as the students that study in El Icacal but live a long distance from school.  It is important to mention that as part of our philosophy, beneficiary communities are expected to also contribute to the projects.  Therefore, they provide a small fee to help on the costs. This enables commitment from them.