Let’s Go To School

It’s main objective is to keep children in school and graduate them from High School.

This program stimulates our children to go to class and stay in school through projects and activities such as: 

>Beautiful School

This Project aims to transform the schools into attractive facilities that would stimulate kids to go to school.  The plan is to do so by redecorating with murals and paintings, planting small gardens and flowers, hanging posters and drawings made by the kids and many other artsy initiatives. 

>School Supplies

The government provides basic school supplies to elementary and middle school. Our purpose is to provide complementary school supplies and school material to all our sponsored students.  

>Summer School

Summer School is the perfect way to get the children to experiment and find out what they are good or what they enjoy to do the most! Painting lessons, Interactive English courses, and outdoor games are some of the activities included in this initiative.

>End of School Year Celebrations

We all deserve a celebration for our hard work! At the end of the year we throw a party to celebrate one more successful school year, and to double the fun, we pair it with the Christmas’ celebrations!