I Speak English

To create bilingual schools in a 3-4 year period.

English is an important component of our plan, since it’s a great tool for the future of the students and it is also an essential component for tourism development.

This is an area we try to include in most of our activities; some of the specific projects within this area include:


>Learning English through a computer software

We are working to provide interesting language software options for kids to learn while playing and having fun.

>Intensive and interactive English Courses

We are working to bring qualified teachers to our communities in order to teach English while creating a fun environment.

>Preparation for Scholarships Abroad

Every year we have more and more High School graduates, and they want to pursue a higher degree of education. These young students receive an extracurricular preparation in order to become eligible for diverse scholarships abroad.

>The Inclusion of Other Languages.

English? Why not French, Italian and Portuguese? As we have more tourists incoming, the incorporation of diverse languages becomes a clear advantage for these kids. Our goal is that our schools grow to be enriched by different languages and cultures.