Tourism School

Main Objective: To prepare students for a growing industry in the region.

Tourism is an effective source for economic development; with this project we teach our kids to take advantage of present opportunities in order to develop sustainable solutions. Activities within this area include: 

>Field Trips

It is important that our students get to know the world outside, but first they need to realize what they have right around them. Field Trips help them learn about the endless possibilities and opportunities that they may encounter close to them. 

>Keeping my home clean!

The schools that we sponsor are located in beautiful places including volcanoes, pristine beaches, mangroves and forests.  Students need to value the importance of protecting the environment through classes, workshops and conservation activities. 

>Photography and Video Workshops

Because these kids live in such beautiful places, they should know how to capture the essence of it through camera and video. Our photography workshops are meant to provide them not only with tools but also with training to do so.

>Tourism Classes

Students will be hosting future travelers in their beautiful communities, so we need to teach them specific skills around hospitality.